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Hello! Welcome to the professional site of Adam Rumpf.

I graduated from the Applied Mathematics Ph.D. program at Illinois Institute of Technology in 2020. This site is meant both to act as a portfolio of my work (including my research, programming projects, and more) and to show off some fun educational stuff that you might find useful or at least interesting. My CV can be found here.

One of my many hobbies is to learn about new mathematical concepts of personal interest and then create visual and interactive demonstrations based on them. I have an page dedicated to my various mathematical game design projects. My Mathematica project page (and now my Jupyter Notebook project page) contains dozens of downloadable Notebook files that illustrate a wide variety of things, and has a bunch of pretty pictures to look at. Also be sure to check out the Papercraft page to see some of my mathematical sculptures, and the Links page for links to other recommended sites.

About Me

I grew up in Michigan and have been interested in STEM subjects for as long as I can remember. I was the second ever student to graduate from the (at the time) newly-founded Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences undergraduate program at Arizona State University. The summer after graduation I attended the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute summer program where I became very interested in mathematical modeling.

I joined the Applied Mathematics Ph.D. program in order to achieve my ambition of becoming a math professor. I believe that there are a great many improvements (which I discuss on the Teaching page) that could be made to the way that math education is done, and that my skill set puts me in a good position to do something about it.

Outside of research, my hobbies include: game design, Dungeons & Dragons, cooking, running, board games, drawing, and learning about mathematical concepts for the purposes of self-enrichment and then writing programs to explore them. Incidentally, if you happen to be designing an escape room I would love to be hired on as a consultant because oh man do I have some cool ideas.

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